Some pets keep giving even after they’re gone

Discussing the “aftercare” of a beloved pet is a delicate topic. Fortunately there are many ways to honor them once they’re gone. When a pet dies, some owners take them home for burial while others elect to have them cremated so they can keep or spread the ashes. Sometimes we’re asked to do a post mortem first to find an explanation for the pet’s illness and provide better closure for the owners.

We are also occasionally asked if donating the deceased pet for educational purposes is an option. Here in Massachusetts, the veterinary school at Tufts has a well established client donation program to which we have referred several families. In fact, the vet school at Tufts has been using client donated pets since 1988 (see

It’s never easy to say goodbye, and they always seem to leave us too soon. Our pets offer us quite a lot both while they’re here and after they’ve passed. Very generous indeed 🙂