Turtle vs. car: a success story in pictures

As happens from time to time, folks bring us injured wildlife to see if we can help. This turtle was found in Lanesville after being hit by a car as she tried to cross the road (…to get to the other side!).


She sustained a significant crack on the top part of her shell (ie carapace). Nonetheless, she was quite stable and active, proving just how resilient she was and how well protected she was by her shell.



We treated her with fluids, antibiotics and pain medication, and secured the edges of her fractured shell after flushing and cleaning her wounds.







Here she is with a strap of medical grade bandage tape that we placed to keep the fracture reduced while the sealant dried on her shell.





She did great overnight, and after lots of monitoring and TLC from our technician Erin, was released the next day into a different pond far away from all roads and cars.


She has since been spotted in her new home swimming around and sunning herself like the good old days 🙂