I owe the crew at seaport veterinary a huge debt of gratitude, without them I’d likely be burying my dog today. This is the only vet office that my dog doesn’t start shaking when he walks in, he forgets all the needles every time and runs up the ramp excited to see all the kind faces. Dr Cahill is amazing and has assembled a staff of absolute angels.

Dylan R. (Gloucester, MA)

Dr. Cahill, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help with our dog Mollie.  As we mentioned, being newer to the area and having pets and finding a great vet was so important to us and we’ve found one in your practice! The experience with you and your entire office was top notch and we couldn’t have asked for better service!!!

Robert (Gloucester, MA)

I am a dog groomer in Ipswich, Ma. I have been grooming for 40 years. I have a Shih Tzu client that is 14. She has had a terrible yeast infection for about a year now. Nothing seemed to help. Recently her people took her to SeaPort Vet for acupuncture. The results are amazing to me. Her skin and ears are better, yeast 75% better and her attitude is like a 3 year old. Thanks so much SeaPort!

Denise K.

You and your entire staff have been great. We know from talking to friends with pets that all you and your staff have done has been above and beyond what most vet offices do, and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Peaches is our baby and we love her so, and we thank you for taking great care of her, for being so kind and helpful, and for taking the time to explain in detail our options. We want to also tell you that your staff is top notch – their love of animals shows in the work they do day in and day out with a smile. So finally, THANK YOU!

Customers for life
Tom, Erica and Peaches

Dear Dr. Lockwood and Staff: Thank you very much for the kind and professional manner in which you and your staff cared for us in a time of obvious crisis. Although my dog, Boo Boo, had never been a previous patient of your practice, the reputation you have earned in our community prompted me to contact you…  Your willingness to accept my emergency call and remain open after hours for us was a true testament to your caring nature and commitment. Your bedside manner was exemplary!

Patty P. and daughter Olivia

Dr. Cahill – when I left Rochester, NY and a wonderful Vet behind (he got on the floor and nuzzled their little faces), I figured I would never meet another who was so kind and gentle.  Well, I’ve been proven wrong.  You are every bit as wonderful and more. Thank you for being such a kind and caring Vet.  The way you have approached and treated both Nellie and Higgins in such a thoughtful and sensitive manner is so very much appreciated. You’re the best!

Judy L. (Rockport, MA)

I couldn’t think of a better forum than the Times to thank Dr. Ray Cahill and his SeaPort Veterinary Hospital staff for the empathy, class and dignity they brought to a recent house call to euthanize our dog. After 14 years, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever was, naturally, a member of our family as beloved as any other. Throughout the years that our dog was under his care, Dr. Cahill always made us feel like our graying old pooch was his only patient. In a world where humane bedside manner and personal attention seem increasingly rare, we were lacking neither on our dog’s last day.

Chad Konecky
Pew Avenue, Gloucester
(Gloucester Times Thank You Notes May 4, 2010)

Dear Dr. Cahill and Staff,

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you all for your warm care, gentle love and support for our family these past months. To have such excellent and personal care locally showed us how lucky we are to have you all here. The flowers you sent were so beautiful and brought beauty to a sad home. You all helped me feel ‘not alone’ through these tough months, and that meant so much.

Catherine Gunn (Gloucester, MA)

Dr. Cahill is the best!!! I love him; he helps me so much with the wildlife I get. Total sweetheart, knowledgeable and truly loves our critters.

Jodi Swenson (Cape Ann Wildlife)