Our secret weapon against rising pharmacy costs . . .

If you’ve been to our hospital, you’ve undoubtedly met Erin. She’s been a vet tech for well over a decade, and she hates this picture, not to mention the fact that I’m blogging about her! (That’s her sweet dog Nakoma next to her.)

That notwithstanding, Erin has been charged with the task of keeping our inventory up to date and at an affordable price for our clients. She makes it look easy, but when I see how much research she routinely does to make sure we’re getting the best prices on our pharmacy items, I’m repeatedly impressed.

For example, just yesterday, Erin let me know that she found a compounding pharmacy that will formulate special eye medications that we commonly use for half the price we were routinely paying. I then had the pleasure of adjusting down the price on those items. After all, who doesn’t want to save nine bucks on a tube of eye ointment?!

Erin and the rest of us will continue to look for ways to keep trips to our hospital less expensive than they have to be. And in this world of ever increasing medication prices, every bit helps.