Meet Snappa! She’s a huge snapping turtle that lives in Day Pond next to our hospital. We’re not sure if she’s the same girl that we patched up last year with a carapace cast after being hit by a car on Eastern Ave, but she sure is just as big.




As you can see in this picture taken by our technician Erin, she emerged from the pond and decided our front lawn was a suitable place to lay her eggs. Why she chose to be so close to the busy street is a mystery, but perhaps it was the Snickers bar wrapper that lured her to the spot! Take note that there was en empty beer can just a few feet away out of the frame of this picture, so perhaps she had picked the perfect location after all!

We’ll be keeping an eye out for the parade of toddling little turtles after they hatch and make their way down to the pond. Too cute!!!